2.5" LED Sponge Ball (Each)


Regular price $1.25
Soft and Squishy: This 2.5" LED Sponge Ball boasts a soft and squishy texture, making it fun to squeeze and play with. The lightweight sponge material ensures safe and enjoyable play, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Colorful LED Lights: With built-in LED lights, this sponge ball illuminates with vibrant colors when bounced or squeezed, adding excitement to your playtime. The dynamic light-up effects create a mesmerizing visual display, enhancing the fun and entertainment value.

Versatile Usage: Whether used for tossing games, stress relief, or sensory play, this LED Sponge Ball offers versatile usage options. Its compact size and soft texture make it easy to carry and handle, providing endless hours of enjoyment for users of all ages.

Perfect for: Game Night, Outdoor Picnic, Festival Celebration

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