7" LED Multi Color Telescopic Ball - 12" Expanded (Each)


Regular price $2.99
Colorful LED Lighting: This 7" telescopic ball features vibrant LED lights that illuminate in multiple colors, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Whether expanded to its full 12" size or collapsed for portability, it adds an enchanting glow to any setting.

Adjustable Size: With its telescopic design, this ball can be expanded to 12" or collapsed to its original 7" size, offering flexibility in usage. It's compact when closed, making it easy to carry around, and expands to a larger size for enhanced visual impact.

Rainbow Light-Up Fun: The multi-color LED lights in this ball create a rainbow effect, adding a playful and festive touch to parties, events, and celebrations. It's a delightful accessory for adding a pop of color and light to any occasion.

Perfect for: Dance Party, Music Festival, Carnival Booth

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