10" Rainbow Folding Paper Fan (Dozen)


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Vibrant Rainbow Colors: Each paper fan in this dozen set features a beautiful array of rainbow colors, creating a striking visual display when unfolded. The vibrant hues add a festive touch to any occasion and brighten up the atmosphere.

Compact and Portable: Measuring 10 inches when expanded, these folding paper fans are convenient to carry and store. They easily fit into bags or pockets, making them ideal for outdoor events, travel, or use on the go.

Multipurpose Décor: Besides providing a cooling breeze, these rainbow paper fans can also serve as charming decorations. Hang them from ceilings, use them as table centerpieces, or incorporate them into DIY crafts to enhance any party or event theme.

Perfect for: Pride Parade, Summer Festival, Carnival, Mardi Gras Celebration, Outdoor Concert.