26" Saber - Green Light Up with Sound (Each)


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Illuminate Your Battle: Equip yourself with the 26" Saber - Green Light Up with Sound, perfect for adding excitement to your swordplay. With its vibrant green glow and realistic sound effects, this saber brings your epic battles to life.

Light-Up Action: Watch as the green lights on this saber illuminate with each swing, creating a thrilling spectacle that captivates onlookers. Whether you're engaging in cosplay or hosting a themed event, this saber adds an extra element of excitement to your activities.

Dynamic Weapon: The 26" Saber - Green Light Up with Sound isn't just a prop – it's a versatile accessory that enhances your role-playing adventures. Its sturdy construction and realistic features make it a must-have for sword enthusiasts and fans of imaginative play.

Perfect for: Costume Party, Cosplay Event, Fantasy Gathering