3.5" Sponge Ice Cream Launcher (Dozen)

3.5" Sponge Ice Cream Launcher (Dozen)


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**Playful Entertainment:** The 3.5" Sponge Ice Cream Launcher provides hours of amusement with its unique design that shoots small sponge ice cream cones. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the fun and laughter that this novelty toy brings to any gathering or event.

**Safe and Harmless:** Made from soft sponge material, this launcher is safe for indoor and outdoor play. It offers a harmless way to engage in playful activities without causing any damage or injury.

**Interactive Fun:** Encourage interactive play and friendly competition by organizing games and challenges using the Sponge Ice Cream Launcher. Whether it's a party, picnic, or team-building event, this toy adds an extra element of excitement and engagement.

**Perfect for:** Summer BBQ, Office Party, Picnic in the Park, Company Retreat, School Carnival.