30mm Round Plastic Stones - Red (Gross)


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Vibrant Red Hue: These 30mm round plastic stones boast a striking red color, adding a bold and eye-catching element to any craft or party project. Whether used as decorative accents or as part of a themed Valentine's Day celebration, their vivid hue effortlessly draws attention.

Versatile Crafting Essential: Ideal for various craft projects, these plastic stones offer versatility and ease of use. From embellishing greeting cards and scrapbooks to creating unique jewelry pieces or table decorations, their smooth surface and lightweight design make them perfect for a wide range of DIY endeavors.

Party Planning Made Easy: Elevate your party decor with these red plastic stones, perfect for Valentine's Day celebrations or themed parties. Scatter them across tables for a pop of color, use them to fill vases or candle holders, or incorporate them into games and activities for a cohesive and festive atmosphere.