38" Acrylic Fancy Bead Necklace - Assorted Pink, Blue, Light Green and Purple (Each)


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Vibrant Assorted Colors: This 38" necklace boasts a delightful array of pink, blue, light green, and purple acrylic beads, evoking the fresh and cheerful vibes of spring and summer.

Eye-catching Fancy Beads: Adorned with fancy beads that feature intricate designs and sparkling accents, this necklace adds a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit or occasion, making it a perfect accessory for your spring and summer ensembles.

Versatile Length: With a versatile 38" length, this necklace can be styled in various ways, whether worn as a single strand, doubled up for a layered look, or even wrapped around the wrist as a statement bracelet.

Perfect for: Spring Picnic, Summer Wedding, Garden Party