40" Acrylic Light Pink and Hot Pink Marble Bead Necklace (Each)


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Unique Marble Design: This necklace showcases a striking combination of light pink and hot pink acrylic beads, creating a captivating marble effect. The vibrant colors add a playful yet elegant touch to your ensemble, making it a standout accessory.

Lightweight and Stylish: Crafted from lightweight acrylic materials, this necklace is comfortable to wear all day or night. Whether you're attending a spring picnic, a summer soirée, or a romantic Valentine's dinner, this necklace adds a chic flair to any outfit.

Versatile Statement Piece: The dual tones of light pink and hot pink make this necklace versatile for various occasions, from casual outings to special events. Pair it with a sundress for a daytime brunch or wear it with a cocktail dress for a glamorous evening affair.

Perfect for: Spring Wedding, Summer Garden Party, Valentine's Date Night.