42" Nola Duck Mardi Gras Beads (Each)


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**Quirky Mardi Gras Beads**: These 42" Nola duck Mardi Gras beads feature charming duck-shaped beads adorned with the iconic Fleur de Lis symbol, offering a playful and unique twist on traditional bead necklaces.

**Symbolic Design**: The incorporation of the Fleur de Lis symbol adds a touch of elegance and tradition to these beads, making them a meaningful accessory for celebrating the spirit of New Orleans and Mardi Gras.

**Specialty Beads for Festive Occasions**: Whether worn during carnival celebrations or as a lively accessory for themed parties, these specialty beads are perfect for those who want to showcase their love for New Orleans and Mardi Gras in style.

**Perfect for:** Parade, Masquerade Ball, Costume Party