48" 10mm Round Metallic Royal Blue Mardi Gras Beads


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Vibrant Royal Blue Color: These 48" 10mm round metallic royal blue Mardi Gras beads feature a bold and eye-catching hue that adds a festive touch to any celebration or event, making them perfect for Mardi Gras festivities or themed parties.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these beads are sturdy and resilient, ensuring they can withstand the excitement and energy of lively gatherings without losing their vibrant color or shine.

Generous Length: With a length of 48 inches, these beads offer ample versatility for various decorative purposes, such as draping, hanging, or crafting, allowing you to create stunning displays and accents for your party or event.

Perfect for: Costume Party, Parade Float Decoration, Graduation Celebration, Fundraising Event, Carnival.