48" 12mm Round Metallic 6 Color Mardi Gras Beads


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Vibrant Metallic Finish: These Mardi Gras beads boast a striking metallic sheen, adding a touch of glamour and festivity to any occasion. The 12mm round beads catch and reflect light, enhancing their eye-catching appeal.

Variety of Colors: With six vibrant colors in each pack, these beads offer versatility for themed events or festive celebrations. Whether you're coordinating with a specific color scheme or distributing them for fun, there's a shade to suit every taste.

Generous Length: Measuring 48 inches long, these beads are perfect for draping over shoulders or tossing to eager revelers. Their ample length ensures they stand out in a crowd, making them an essential accessory for any festive gathering.

Perfect for: Birthday Celebration, New Year's Eve Party, Mardi Gras Festivity, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Carnival Event.