5" Flip Sequin High Heel Shoe Plush (Dozen)

5" Flip Sequin High Heel Shoe Plush (Dozen)


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Glamorous Design: Each 5" flip sequin high heel shoe plush features a stylish and eye-catching design with shimmering flip sequins, adding a touch of glamour to any collection or display.

Variety of Colors: Available in a dozen, these plush high heel shoes come in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing for mix-and-match fun or coordinated themes for events or decorations.

Soft and Plush: Crafted with plush materials, these high heel shoe plush toys are soft and huggable, making them perfect for snuggling up with for comfort or as a charming addition to any room decor.

Perfect for: Fashion Show, Bachelorette Party, Girls' Night Out, Glamorous Event