50" 40/60/80mm Purple Green and Gold Balls Necklace (Each)


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Varying Sizes of Vibrant Balls: This 50" necklace features vibrant purple, green, and gold balls in sizes ranging from 40mm to 80mm, creating a dynamic and eye-catching accessory that captures the festive spirit of Mardi Gras.

Big Beads for Bold Statements: With its large beads, this necklace makes a bold statement, perfect for adding flair to your Mardi Gras outfit or standing out in a crowd during carnival celebrations.

Specialty Beads for Festive Occasions: Designed specifically for Mardi Gras, these specialty beads embody the joy and excitement of the carnival season, making them a must-have accessory for any Mardi Gras parade or themed event.

Perfect for: Mardi Gras Parade, Carnival Celebration, Costume Ball