50" Rainbow Berry Bead Mardi Gras Bead (Each)


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**Vibrant Rainbow Berry Bead Design**: Each bead in this 50" necklace features a colorful rainbow berry design, creating a striking and festive accessory that adds a pop of color to any Mardi Gras ensemble.

**Specialty Beads for Festive Celebrations**: The rainbow berry bead design sets this necklace apart as a specialty accessory, perfect for those who want to embrace the vibrant and playful spirit of Mardi Gras with a unique twist.

**Perfect for Mardi Gras Events**: Whether worn to a parade, ball, or street party, this rainbow berry bead necklace is sure to capture attention and spread joy during Mardi Gras celebrations, making it an essential accessory for the festivities.

**Perfect for:** Parade, Ball, Street Party