6' Yellow Marabou Boa 25 Grams (Each)


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Luxurious Feathered Design: Adorned with soft and fluffy feathers, this 6-foot yellow marabou boa exudes elegance and charm. Its vibrant yellow color adds a pop of sunshine to any outfit, making it a delightful accessory for various occasions.

Versatile Fashion Statement: Whether you're attending a themed party, adding flair to a costume, or accessorizing your everyday attire, this marabou boa is a versatile accessory. Its long length and eye-catching color make it perfect for creating a bold and unique look.

Eye-Catching Accent: The vibrant yellow hue of this boa makes it a standout accessory that commands attention. Whether draped elegantly around your shoulders or used as a decorative element, it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your ensemble.

Perfect for: Summer Luau, Tropical-themed Party, Carnival Celebration, Bachelorette Party, Music Festival.