72" 12mm Round Metallic Turquoise Mardi Gras Beads


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Vibrant Metallic Turquoise: These Mardi Gras beads feature a vibrant metallic turquoise color that adds a festive touch to any occasion. The 12mm round beads have a shiny finish that catches the light, making them stand out in a crowd.

Long 72-Inch Length: With a generous length of 72 inches, these throw beads are perfect for draping, decorating, or wearing as accessories. Whether hung as party decorations or worn as necklaces, their ample length provides versatility in usage.

Multi-Event Usage: Suitable for various events and celebrations, these beads are a versatile addition to any party supplies collection. Whether it's Mardi Gras festivities, themed parties, or special occasions, they add a pop of color and fun to the atmosphere.

Perfect for: Masquerade Ball, Cocktail Party, Beach Wedding, Summer Soiree, Tropical Luau.