8oz Glitter - Holographic Red (Each)


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**Dazzling Holographic Red Glitter:** This 8oz container of holographic red glitter adds a vibrant and eye-catching sparkle to your craft projects. The holographic effect creates a mesmerizing shimmer that enhances any DIY creation.

**Premium Quality Crafting Material:** Crafted with precision, this glitter is finely milled for a smooth texture and intense sparkle. Whether you're decorating cards, ornaments, or party favors, this glitter will elevate your projects with its radiant red hue.

**Unleash Your Creativity:** With this holographic red glitter, the possibilities are endless. From holiday decorations to themed crafts, this glitter allows you to add a pop of color and shine to any project, making it truly stand out.

**Perfect for:** Christmas Party, Valentine's Day Celebration, Carnival Festivities

-Perfect for the following events: Halloween and Valentine's Day.