8oz Glitter - Neon Green (Each)


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**Bold Neon Green Glitter:** Make your crafts stand out with this 8oz container of neon green glitter. Its vibrant color and sparkling finish will add a lively touch to any project, from handmade cards to party decorations.

**High-Quality Crafting Material:** This neon green glitter is crafted with precision to ensure optimal sparkle and shine. Whether you're using it for scrapbooking, jewelry making, or DIY home decor, its fine texture and bold hue will enhance your creations.

**Easy Application:** Apply this neon green glitter with ease using adhesive or glue. Its lightweight and fine consistency allow for smooth coverage on various surfaces, making it ideal for both beginner and experienced crafters.

**Perfect for:** St. Patrick's Day Parade, Irish Festival, Green-themed Party

-Perfect for the following events: Halloween, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.