8oz Glitter - Neon Orange (Each)


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**Bright Neon Orange Glitter:** This 8oz container features vibrant neon orange glitter that adds a bold and energetic touch to your crafting projects. Its eye-catching color and sparkling finish make it an ideal choice for adding excitement to any creation.

**High-Quality Crafting Material:** Crafted from premium materials, this neon orange glitter is finely ground for smooth application and maximum shimmer. Whether you're embellishing cards, decorating party favors, or creating DIY projects, this glitter delivers exceptional results every time.

**Easy Application:** Use glue or adhesive to apply this neon orange glitter effortlessly, allowing you to achieve professional-looking designs with ease. Its fine texture ensures even distribution and adherence to various surfaces, making it perfect for a wide range of crafting applications.

**Perfect for:** Halloween Party, Autumn Festival, Harvest Celebration

-Perfect for the following events: Halloween.