Black Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)

Black Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)


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- Precision Writing: The fine point of this black Sharpie paint marker allows for precise and detailed writing on various surfaces. Whether you're labeling party favors or creating personalized crafts, this marker ensures crisp lines and accurate results.

- Versatile Application: From DIY projects to party decorations, this paint marker is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its bold black color stands out on light or dark surfaces, making it ideal for adding text, designs, or embellishments to various materials.

- Long-lasting Performance: Designed for durability, this marker delivers consistent ink flow and fade-resistant results, ensuring your creations maintain their vibrant appearance over time. Its quick-drying formula minimizes smudging, allowing you to work efficiently without worrying about smears.

- Perfect for: Craft Night, DIY Party Decorations, Artistic Projects, Wedding Signage, Holiday Crafting.