Foil Mardi Gras Streamer (Each)

Foil Mardi Gras Streamer (Each)


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Vibrant Mardi Gras Decor: This foil streamer adds a pop of color and excitement to any Mardi Gras celebration. Hang it along walls, doorways, or tables to create a festive atmosphere that captures the spirit of the event.

Easy to Use: The lightweight and flexible design of this streamer make it effortless to hang and manipulate into desired shapes. Its metallic finish reflects light, enhancing its visual appeal and adding a touch of elegance to your party decor.

Reusable and Durable: Crafted from high-quality foil material, this streamer is durable and can be reused for multiple Mardi Gras events. Simply store it carefully after each use to maintain its pristine condition for future celebrations.

Perfect for: Mardi Gras Parade, Masquerade Ball, Carnival Celebration, Festival Float Decoration, Themed Dinner Party

Size: 6" x 7'