Glasses with Purple, Green and Gold Feathers, Sequins and No Lenses (Each)


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Festive Design: These glasses feature vibrant purple, green, and gold feathers, sequins, and no lenses, capturing the essence of Mardi Gras festivities. The bold and flashy design makes them perfect for adding flair to your party outfit or costume.

Comfortable Fit: Despite their extravagant appearance, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The flexible frame ensures a snug fit on most face shapes and sizes, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without any discomfort.

Eye-Catching Accessory: Stand out from the crowd with these attention-grabbing glasses that are sure to spark conversations and draw compliments. Whether worn at Mardi Gras celebrations, costume parties, or themed events, they add a touch of fun and eccentricity to any occasion.

Perfect for: Mardi Gras Parade, Costume Party, Masquerade Ball.