Lavender Umbrella with Ruffle 14.5" (Each)


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**Charming Lavender Design with Ruffle:** This umbrella boasts a delightful lavender color accented with a charming ruffle detail, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion or event.

**Eye-Catching Novelty Accessory:** Measuring 14.5 inches, this umbrella is a standout novelty item that adds flair to your ensemble or serves as a stylish prop for photoshoots and themed parties.

**Versatile Decor Piece:** Whether used as part of a costume, incorporated into table centerpieces, or given as a gift, this umbrella with ruffle detailing brings an extra touch of sophistication to various events and celebrations.

**Perfect for:** Bridal Shower, Tea Party, Garden Party.

-Perfect for the following events: Mardi Gras, Wedding and Bachelorette Party.