LED Assorted Color Crown Ring with Multicolor Lights (Pack of 6)


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Vibrant Multicolor Lights: Each LED crown ring features an assortment of colorful lights that flash and glow, creating a dazzling display. With various colors in each pack, they add vibrancy and excitement to any occasion.

Adjustable and Comfortable: These crown-shaped LED rings are designed to be adjustable and comfortable to wear for extended periods. They fit most finger sizes and are lightweight, allowing guests to wear them with ease throughout the event.

Party Favor: As a pack of six, these LED crown rings make for fantastic party favors or giveaways at events. They add an element of fun and flair to any gathering, leaving guests delighted with their whimsical glow.

Perfect for: Nightclub Event, Music Festival, Bachelorette Party, Costume Party, New Year's Eve Celebration.