LED Boomerang (Each)


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Illuminate Your Play: Add excitement to your outdoor activities with the LED Boomerang, featuring vibrant LED lights that create a stunning light display as it flies through the air. Its unique design and illuminating effects make it a thrilling toy for adventurers of all ages.

Light-Up Fun: Watch as the LED lights on this boomerang shine brightly, making it easy to spot even during dusk or dawn. Whether you're playing at the park, beach, or backyard, this boomerang adds an extra element of fun to your outdoor playtime.

Dynamic Toy: The LED Boomerang isn't just a regular boomerang – it's a mesmerizing toy that offers hours of entertainment for enthusiasts. Its sturdy construction and aerodynamic design ensure smooth flights and exciting catches, making it a must-have for outdoor play.

Perfect for: Picnic, Outdoor Party, Camping Trip