LED Bow with Stars Head Bopper (Each)


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Eye-Catching Design: This LED Bow with Stars Head Bopper features a charming bow adorned with sparkling stars, creating a fun and festive accessory for your head. The LED lights add a dazzling touch, making it stand out in any crowd or party setting.

Comfortable Headband: With its flexible headband design, this head bopper offers a comfortable and secure fit for extended wear. The lightweight construction ensures ease of wear, allowing you to dance and move freely without any discomfort.

Dynamic Light-Up Effects: Equipped with LED lights, this head bopper illuminates with colorful lights that flash and sparkle, adding excitement to your hairstyle. The dynamic light-up effects create a playful and lively atmosphere, perfect for parties and special events.

Perfect for: Costume Party, Music Festival, New Year's Eve Bash