LED Flashing Shark Sword - 3 Assorted Colors (Each)


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**Interactive Sword Play: These LED flashing shark swords come in three assorted colors, adding an exciting element to pretend play and costume parties. With their eye-catching flashing lights, they bring imaginative adventures to life for partygoers and enthusiasts of all ages.

**Durable Design: Crafted from sturdy materials, these shark swords are built to withstand energetic play and sword fights. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment, making them ideal for kids and adults alike who love engaging in swashbuckling fun.

**Dynamic Light Effects: Equipped with LED lights, these shark swords flash in various colors, creating dazzling visual effects as they move through the air. Their mesmerizing lights enhance the thrill of swordplay and capture the attention of onlookers at events and celebrations.

**Perfect for: Costume Parties, Halloween, Themed Events, Cosplay Conventions, Pirate Adventures.