LED Fleur de Lis with Purple, Green and Yellow Lights on Lanyard (Each)


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Iconic Fleur de Lis Design: This LED Fleur de Lis necklace features the classic symbol adorned with purple, green, and yellow lights, capturing the essence of Mardi Gras festivities. The vibrant illumination adds flair to your outfit, making it a standout accessory for carnival celebrations and themed events.

Convenient Lanyard: Equipped with a lanyard, this LED necklace offers convenient wearability, allowing you to comfortably hang it around your neck for hands-free enjoyment. The adjustable lanyard ensures a secure fit, making it easy to wear throughout the duration of your Mardi Gras festivities.

Vibrant LED Lights: With its purple, green, and yellow LED lights, this Fleur de Lis necklace provides dynamic illumination that enhances the festive atmosphere of Mardi Gras. The colorful lights create a captivating display, adding excitement to your ensemble and drawing attention to the iconic symbol.

Perfect for: Mardi Gras Parade, Carnival Celebration, Masquerade Ball