LED Green Ice Cube (Each)


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**Glowing Green Hue: This LED green ice cube emits a vibrant green glow, adding an enchanting touch to any beverage or decorative arrangement. Whether used in cocktails, punch bowls, or as table decor, it enhances the ambiance of any event.

**Waterproof Design: Crafted from durable and waterproof materials, this LED ice cube is safe to use in drinks and ensures long-lasting illumination without compromising its integrity. It withstands condensation and maintains its luminosity throughout your gathering.

**Multi-Functional: Beyond its use as a drink accessory, this LED green ice cube is versatile and can be incorporated into various party decorations, centerpieces, or crafts to create a captivating visual effect that captivates guests.

**Perfect for: Cocktail Party, Nightclub Event, St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Outdoor Barbecue, Glow Party.