LED Heart with Smiley Face Necklace - Pink and Red (Dozen)


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**Adorable Illumination:** Add a touch of sweetness to your ensemble with these LED Heart with Smiley Face Necklaces, available in a dozen. The combination of pink and red colors, along with the cheerful smiley face design, creates a charming accessory that lights up your look.

**Light-Up Style:** These necklaces feature LED lights that illuminate the heart pendant, creating a radiant glow that enhances your outfit. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or just spreading love year-round, these necklaces are sure to make a statement.

**Valentine's Special:** Embrace the spirit of love with these LED Heart with Smiley Face Necklaces, perfect for Valentine's Day celebrations or romantic gestures. With a dozen in each pack, you can share these adorable accessories with friends, family, or that special someone.

**Perfect for:** Date Night, Galentine's Party, Love-themed Event