LED Maracas Necklace 6" - Assorted Colors (Each)


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**Interactive Light-Up Fun: These LED maracas necklaces feature vibrant lights in assorted colors, adding excitement to any party or event. With their shake-activated illumination, they bring a dynamic element to dance floors and celebrations.

**Portable Entertainment: Measuring 6 inches in length, these maracas necklaces are lightweight and easy to carry around. Whether worn as a necklace or used as handheld instruments, they provide on-the-go entertainment for festivals, concerts, and outdoor gatherings.

**Engaging Toys: Not just for decoration, these maracas necklaces also function as toys, allowing users to create rhythmic sounds and participate in musical activities. They enhance the overall experience of any festive occasion with their colorful lights and playful design.

**Perfect for: Music Festivals, Concerts, Dance Parties, Carnival, Outdoor Gatherings.