Lime Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)

Lime Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)


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- Precision Drawing: This fine-point lime Sharpie paint marker offers precision and control for detailed artwork and designs on various surfaces. Its fine tip ensures accurate lines and intricate patterns, making it perfect for artists and crafters.

- Vibrant Lime Ink: Create eye-catching and vibrant lime-colored marks with this paint marker. Its highly pigmented ink delivers bold and vivid results, adding a pop of color to your projects and decorations.

- Durable and Versatile: Enjoy the durability and versatility of this paint marker, which provides quick-drying, water-resistant, and fade-resistant properties. Whether used for indoor or outdoor applications, it maintains its quality over time.

- Perfect for: Craft Workshops, Art Festivals, Summer Parties, Outdoor Events, Holiday Celebrations.