Mardi Gras Harlequin Backdrop 4' x 30' (Each)

Mardi Gras Harlequin Backdrop 4' x 30' (Each)


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Vibrant Harlequin Design: The backdrop features a colorful and festive harlequin pattern, perfect for creating an eye-catching display at your Mardi Gras-themed parties or events.

Large Size: Measuring 4 feet by 30 feet, this backdrop provides ample coverage to transform any space into a lively Mardi Gras celebration area.

Durable Material: Made from high-quality materials, this backdrop is durable and reusable, allowing you to decorate for multiple Mardi Gras occasions without worrying about wear and tear.

Perfect for: Mardi Gras Ball, Carnival Party, Masquerade Event