Orange Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)

Orange Sharpie Paint Marker - Fine Point (Each)


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- Precision Application: This fine-point orange Sharpie paint marker provides precise control for detailed artwork, labeling, or crafting. Its fine tip ensures clean lines and smooth coverage on various surfaces, making it perfect for intricate designs.

- Vibrant Orange Color: Add a pop of bold and vibrant orange to your projects with this paint marker. Whether you're decorating, personalizing, or outlining, its vivid hue stands out and adds a lively touch to your creations.

- Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy durable and fade-resistant results with this high-quality paint marker. Its quick-drying ink formula ensures that your artwork remains vibrant and smudge-free, providing long-lasting color and quality.

- Perfect for: Craft Workshops, DIY Party Decor, Artistic Projects, Halloween Crafting, Fall Festivities.