Party Bag - Happy Birthday (Each)

Party Bag - Happy Birthday (Each)


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Celebratory Packaging: The "Happy Birthday" Party Bag is designed to add a festive touch to any birthday celebration. Its vibrant colors and cheerful message instantly convey the joy of the occasion, making it a perfect addition to party decor.

Convenient Size: With its compact dimensions, this party bag is ideal for holding small treats, favors, or gifts for guests. Whether filled with candies, trinkets, or personalized items, it serves as a delightful takeaway for attendees to enjoy long after the party ends.

Personalized Touch: The "Happy Birthday" message on the party bag adds a personalized element to the festivities, making each guest feel special and appreciated. It's a simple yet meaningful detail that enhances the overall birthday experience for everyone involved.

Perfect for: Birthday Party, Milestone Celebration, Surprise Party, Theme Party, Graduation Party

1 bag of confetti, 1 mini greeting card, and 1 noisemaker. Size: 6" x 8" H