Purple, Green and Gold Square Paper Lantern String of 10 Lights (Each)


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**Vibrant Mardi Gras Colors:** These string lights feature purple, green, and gold square paper lanterns, adding a festive touch to any Mardi Gras celebration or themed event. The colors are rich and vibrant, creating a lively atmosphere wherever they are hung.

**String of 10 Lights:** Each set includes 10 square paper lantern lights, providing ample illumination and coverage for decorating party venues, outdoor spaces, or indoor rooms. The lights are evenly spaced along the string, ensuring uniform brightness throughout.

**Easy to Hang and Display:** With a convenient string design, these lantern lights are easy to hang and display in various locations. They can be draped along walls, wrapped around pillars or railings, or suspended from ceilings to create a captivating visual effect.

**Perfect for:** Mardi Gras Celebrations, Carnival Parties, Masquerade Balls.