Purple Metallic Glittered Mask with Elastic Band (Each)

Purple Metallic Glittered Mask with Elastic Band (Each)


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Purple Metallic: This mask boasts a stunning purple metallic color that shines and shimmers under any lighting, adding a touch of glamour to your masquerade ensemble. The metallic finish gives it an eye-catching appeal that is sure to turn heads at any event.

Glittered Design: With intricate glitter detailing, this mask sparkles and dazzles as you move, creating a mesmerizing effect that adds to its allure. The glitter is securely adhered to the mask, ensuring it stays in place throughout the night.

Elastic Band: Featuring an elastic band, this mask offers a comfortable and snug fit for all face shapes and sizes. It's easy to wear and stays securely in place, allowing you to dance and socialize without worrying about your mask slipping.

Perfect for: Masquerade Ball, Costume Party, Halloween Celebration, Themed Gala, Mardi Gras Festivities