Red Heart LED Tube Wand (Each)


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Heart-Shaped Design: The Red Heart LED Tube Wand features a charming heart-shaped design that emits a vibrant glow, making it an ideal accessory for Valentine's Day celebrations or romantic events. The heart-shaped wand adds a touch of love and romance to your outfit, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Dynamic LED Lights: Equipped with LED lights, this tube wand illuminates with dazzling colors, creating a mesmerizing light display that captures attention and adds excitement to your Valentine's Day festivities. The dynamic LED lights enhance the visual appeal of the wand, making it a standout accessory for any romantic occasion.

Easy-to-Hold Handle: This LED tube wand features an easy-to-hold handle that allows you to grip it comfortably as you wave it in the air or use it as a prop for photos. The lightweight design and ergonomic handle ensure a secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to enjoy hours of fun with this festive accessory.

Perfect for: Valentine's Day Dinner, Date Night, Romantic Evening