Red, White, Blue, and Green LED Finger Lights - Assorted (Pack of 40)


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Versatile Assorted Colors: This pack of LED finger lights features a vibrant assortment of red, white, blue, and green lights, making them suitable for a variety of occasions and events. The different colors allow users to mix and match or coordinate with different themes and decorations.

Easy to Use: With an easy on/off switch and a compact design, these finger lights are simple to use and comfortable to wear. They fit securely on fingers of all sizes, ensuring that guests can enjoy wearing them throughout the event without any hassle.

Enhance the Ambiance: Whether it's a patriotic celebration, a sports event, or a themed party, these LED finger lights add a festive touch to any occasion. They create a dazzling display of colorful lights that enhances the ambiance and adds excitement to the festivities.

Perfect for: Fourth of July Celebration, Sports Game, Patriotic Event