Rose Colored Glasses 18oz Large Jar Candle (Each)

Rose Colored Glasses 18oz Large Jar Candle (Each)


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Enchanting Scent: The Rose Colored Glasses Large Jar Candle features a captivating fragrance reminiscent of a blooming rose garden, infused with delicate notes of jasmine and lily of the valley, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Long-Lasting Burn: Hand-poured with premium soy wax and cotton wicks, this candle offers a clean and even burn, providing hours of aromatic enjoyment without any soot or residue, making it an ideal choice for indulgent relaxation.

Charming Design: Packaged in an 18oz large jar adorned with a beautiful rose-colored label, this candle adds a touch of elegance to any room decor, making it a perfect gift for loved ones or a luxurious treat for oneself.

Perfect for: Date Night, Anniversary Celebration, Bridal Shower