Sparkler Candle "3" (Each)

Sparkler Candle "3" (Each)


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Number "3" Sparkler Candle: Add a touch of sparkle to your birthday cake or dessert with this charming sparkler candle shaped like the number "3". Its bright flames and shimmering sparks create a festive atmosphere for your celebration.

Safe and Reliable: Made from high-quality materials, this sparkler candle burns steadily and evenly, ensuring a long-lasting glow without any safety concerns. It's easy to use and adds an elegant touch to any birthday party or special occasion.

Easy to Use: Simply insert the sparkler candle into your cake or dessert, light it up, and watch as it illuminates the room with its dazzling display. It's a hassle-free way to make your birthday celebration unforgettable.

Perfect for: Birthday Party, Anniversary Celebration, Graduation Party.