Sticky Spider Web - Assorted Colors (Dozen)

Sticky Spider Web - Assorted Colors (Dozen)


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Assorted Colors: This sticky spider web set comes in a variety of spooky colors, perfect for adding a festive touch to your Halloween decorations. With assorted hues, you can create a creepy atmosphere for your haunted house or party.

Easy to Use: Simply stretch and spread the sticky spider web across surfaces like walls, furniture, or doorways to create a spooky effect. It's a quick and hassle-free way to enhance your Halloween decor and set the mood for a frightful night.

Reusable: Made from durable and flexible materials, this sticky spider web can be reused year after year. Simply remove it from surfaces after use, roll it up, and store it away until the next Halloween season for continued spooky fun.

Perfect for: Halloween Party, Haunted House Event, Costume Ball, Trick-or-Treat Night, Horror Movie Marathon.