Vinyl Shrilling Chicken 15" (Each)


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Larger Than Life: This 15" vinyl shrilling chicken is an oversized version of the classic novelty item, making it even more eye-catching and hilarious. Its larger size adds to the fun and ensures that it stands out in any crowd.

Amplified Sound: Squeeze the chicken and be prepared for an even louder and more pronounced shrill noise that is bound to turn heads and spark laughter. Its larger size amplifies the sound, making it perfect for pranks and practical jokes.

Attention-Grabbing Fun: Whether you're hosting a party, planning a team-building activity, or simply want to inject some fun into your day, this 15" shrilling chicken is guaranteed to entertain. Its novelty factor and amusing sound make it a hit at any event.

Perfect for: Bachelorette Party, Office Prank, Comedy Show.